Engaging at Home™

Capturing a Legacy of Love

An at-home engagement program bringing love, compassion, and validation to those affected by dementia and their families through learning, laughing and creating. 

Engage and inspire your loved one with fun, intriguing topics, creative workshops, and ways for the whole family to participate.

Engaging at Home™ is an unbelievably easy way to create experiences that leave
your loved one feeling valued, loved, and connected.

Their world is everything to you. 

Are you ready for innovative ways to share valuable time with a loved one living with dementia? We know that regardless of age or stage of life, everyone likes to learn and create. On-going research supports the importance of engaging in intellectually stimulating sessions every day to reduce and slow cognitive decline.

You are the navigator,
and we are the pathway.

Together we enable your loved one to experience the positive feelings that result from learning, laughing, and creating. Cognitive stimulation & creativity work hand-in-hand to improve your loved one’s quality-of-life. If family members are remote, they can easily use today’s electronic conference technology and be part of the experience.

Open doors and
create shared experiences. 
Bring those positive life experiences of your loved one into the present. Revisiting and discussing familiar topics is a fun and comfortable thing to do. Your loved one will have the opportunity to recall or retell life experiences and create one-of-a-kind Legacy Creative projects for family and friends.
Month-by-Month Class Library

What's Included

Month #1  - Themed LIfelong Learning class
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America's National Parks

You are standing in the middle of a beautiful forest – can you smell the pine trees and hear the chirping birds? In1916, the National Park Service was entrusted with the care of our national parks. Let’s visit a few of the parks and see things that help us understand America’s treasures!
Wellness & Fitness Video class LIbrary
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Wellness Membership Benefit Included

Learning and wellness all-in-one-place. We have created a library of class videos for you to use with your loved one: seated fitness, mindfulness & wellness sessions, preparing healthy snacks, creative & expressive sessions.

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Premium Membership

TWO new, fun & delightful classes each month. Each class includes a colorful video filled with images, an interesting & fun story and plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage discussion. Also included is a PPT slide presentation and copy of the story that can be downloaded to be used at any time. Learn, laugh, and create all month long!
  • Lifelong Learning classes & creative workshops follow a monthly theme
  • Our e-learning platform is accessible 24/7
  • Option to download materials
  • Unlimited access to your learning library
  • Free webinars & support sessions
  • Unlimited access to Wellness & Fitness video classes

Provide Person-Centered Care for Your Loved One

Everyone prefers to spend their time in a purposeful and meaningful way. That need doesn’t diminish with age or dementia. The need for purpose is one of the defining characteristics of human beings. Without a sense of purpose, we are more vulnerable to boredom, anxiety, and depression. Having a sense of purpose can have a powerful positive effect, including feelings of belonging and acceptance.

Aim high, see big, judge widely
Latest Blog Post

What's in, What's Out for 2021?

2021 is all about positive experiences and meaningful engagement every day for persons living with dementia. Let’s change it all up and create a new and exciting environment built on purpose and meaning and the validation of lives well lived.  
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Engage and inspire with fun, intriguing topics and creative workshops. Unlimited access 24/7 to all materials via the internet.
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