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Contact us for a free LIVE Zoom session just for caregivers. We’ll discuss the benefits of engaging people affected by dementia in simple, meaningful, and easy-to-use ways. Let’s do this together. We’ll discuss the latest research and learn what the experts say about purposeful engagement. 

Free LIVE introductory session

This session is for spouses, family members, and caregivers.

Meet our experts

Discuss what's on your mind and learn about the benefits of engaging at home with your loved one.

Two LIVE Zoom sessions to choose from

Tuesday 9:30 AM (PST) or 1:00 PM (PST)
Resources for You & Your Loved One

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Caregiver Resource Center

Our Gift to You
The Caregiver Resource Center is FREE for all caregivers.
Visit anytime, watch a helpful video, read the latest news, or join a virtual support group. We are always here for you!
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*50% of the monthly subscription cost supports Oakwood Creative Care's scholarship fund, an Arizona-based nonprofit providing innovative services for older adults with cognitive and physical challenges.
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