Opening the door to positive life events in a person’s past brings those life experiences into the present. Revisiting familiar topics is a comfortable thing to do. Your loved one has the opportunity to recall or retell life experiences and to create Legacy Creative Projects for special family members.
Welcome to Engaging at Home™  

We know first hand about the challenges associated with caring for someone living with dementia. We know what amazing lives most of these wonderful people have led, and we understand how their lives have changed. Our mission has been to find ways to honor their past lives and pull their experiences forward to today, helping people live in the present while honoring lives well-lived.  

Living with cognitive impairment does not mean that life is over. There is more to their lives than watching TV, playing bingo, or sorting socks. The number one question most families ask is, “how do I keep my loved one engaged?”  

Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years to research and develop a new and innovative memory care engagement program for use at home. Engaging at Home™ is redefining the industry standard of boring or child-like activities to a standard that begins with cognitive stimulation and ends with a purpose-filled one-of-a-kind legacy creation.  

For the past twenty years, scientists and researchers have struggled to find a cure for dementia. We have learned a lot about our brain during that time, including what works and what doesn’t. Research has proven that the old “brain games” don’t move the needle. People continue to slide along the continuum, become less engaged with the world around them, and lose their ability to communicate their feelings or even their daily needs.  

While we can’t eliminate many of these outcomes, we can change the time we have. Using the proven theory that most people enjoy the interaction with others, we have blended creative and expressive sessions with lifelong learning and developed a program that enables everyone to feel valued, loved and connected.

We want to thank you for your interest in Engaging at Home™ and look forward to learning more about you and your loved one!  

Sherri Friend, President & CEO Oakwood Creative Care
Jennifer Clancy, President & Founder ALLE Learning
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