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The Beach Boys Musical Reminiscing

Is there a better way to start your loved one's day than with familiar songs that recall the "good old days?" Oakwood Creative Care celebrates the 1950s with a rare look at the decade's music through the eyes of surfers who were also musicians. "The Beach Boys" were a favorite of teenagers and adults during the 1950s. Their music was fun and dreamy, all at the same time! Oakwood Creative Care created a way to learn more and celebrate their music with this easy-to-use download.  

Every page includes a brief description of a 1950s Beach Boys song and a link to a YouTube video so that you and your loved one can sing along anytime you want, day or night. Familiarity is an important part of celebrating past events that your loved one may remember – we call it "making room for the past in the present." Accepting & celebrating your loved one's past events helps decrease anxiety and restlessness and increases feeling connected, enabling joy and happiness.
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