Engaging at Home™

Engaging at Home™ prompts loved one to share treasured family history helping her feel valued and appreciated

We know that family members tell bits and pieces of stories their entire lives. We often become so accustomed to hearing these stories that we nod our heads and offer a smile that sadly says, “Yes, you’ve told us that, Grandma.”

But what if that story sparked a true connection between family members? A conversation that all generations could take part in with enthusiasm. Our classes at Engaging at Home™ offer just that type of multigenerational interaction.

During an Engaging at Home™ class titled “America’s National Parks,” Theodore Roosevelt's image appeared on the screen as a family took part in the class. Grandma immediately perked up and once again started telling her version of the story about her grandfather being a Roosevelt Rough Rider.

However, this time, she expanded the story by telling how Roosevelt had visited Colorado and met with her grandfather. Then she offered new information; she said that there had been several articles in the local newspaper about Roosevelt’s visit. Her adult daughter opened an internet search engine and entered “Theodore Roosevelt visits Colorado” to see what they could find.

A lengthy list of archived articles appeared, and as the family scrolled down through the list, they saw their family name. Her grandfather had reunited with Roosevelt at the train station and given him a tour of the small Colorado town. The men had stopped at the courthouse where her grandfather served as the local sheriff. The next stop was at the saloon, where the party stopped for lunch.

The local newspaper reported that the tavern was packed and that enormous crowds pushed through windows and doors to get a glimpse of Theodore Roosevelt. The entire town had turned out for this monumental event.

The family printed the article, found an old photo of their grandfather, added one of Theodore Roosevelt, and scheduled a family Zoom session for their loved one to share her story.

The loved one felt appreciated and valued and connected. The family learned new things and celebrated their grandmother all at the same time.  This is the power and magic behind what we do at Engaging at Home™.

Engaging at Home™ provides an at-home engagement program bringing love, compassion, and validation to those affected by dementia and their families. Reach us via email at info@engagingathome.com or by calling (602) 418-5196.
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