Engaging at Home™

How Care Partners Can Help Loved Ones Stay Curious and Connected

seniors staying connected
In the past 20 years, we’ve learned more about aging brains. While we don’t have cures for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, we have discovered that doing things we don’t normally do, like being curious, can strengthen and even create new brain pathways.  

Research shows viewing pictures or videos of important life events can help temporarily reconnect a cognitively impaired individual with their memories. Combining these catalysts with the natural curiosity in our loved ones is a perfect recipe for helping people continue to learn and share experiences to keep their lives fulfilled.  

Not only that, but curiosity makes us all feel better: Our brain releases a chemical known as “dopamine” and other feel-good chemicals when we have new experiences. It literally makes us happier.  

Although we need more research to understand exactly how or why this happens, there is one thing we know: Our memory is often better if we work at learning new things. We also feel a sense of reward when we learn new things.  

Engaging at Home™ allows care partners to help their loved ones stay curious and connected, thanks to our fun and fulfilling activities. You’ll get unlimited access to our e-learning platform and free support, as well as unlimited access to our wellness and fitness videos when you sign up for a subscription. And, we have a free 30-day trial so you can see the benefits firsthand.  

If you are a home care partner, you know it can be challenging to constantly come up with ways to keep your loved ones excited and curious. Our affordable programs are specially designed to trigger memories, encourage discussion, and create happiness. An at-home engagement program brings love, compassion, and validation to those affected by dementia and their families through learning, laughing, and creating.   

What’s more, you’ll find that as you learn and create with your loved one, you might find some surprises yourself!  

Engaging at Home™ provides an at-home engagement program bringing love, compassion, and validation to those affected by dementia and their families. Reach us via email at info@engagingathome.com or by calling (602) 418-5196
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