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Just for the Joy of It

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Caring for a person with dementia in their own home offers opportunities that develop deeper connections helping everyone through challenging times.


We can more capably share joy thanks to one-on-one interactions. An article on the St. John’s Living site explains, “It begins with your understanding of your loved ones needs, personality, skills, and habits… Even among dementia cases in an advanced stage, these personality traits still define a personality.”


Someone who enjoyed hiking may be thrilled to see photos from a trip to a national park, for example. Encourage them to tell stories about what’s in the picture and see if it jogs happy memories. Saying things like, “Wasn’t that the time when…” or, “Do you remember doing X when we were there?” could open the door to a joyful memory.


Another way to spur joy is through the power of touch. Sit close, take their hand, and provide prompts to ask them about old stories and family lore. Ask if they remember incidents from their childhood or teen years, and don’t forget to laugh. Or, read out loud from a favorite book or even a picture book—older adults of all stages of life appreciate the beauty and creativity of beautiful art.


An article on Seniorlink.com supplies an extensive list of other activities you can do as well as tips on best times to engage, how to create daily routines, and how to help people “feel more productive and feel that they are accomplishing something, however small, every day.”


No matter what you do to connect, joy is a feeling you share with your loved one. It’s conveyed via your tone of voice or the expression on your face. It’s not important what you do together, but that you share time and experiences.


Engaging at Home™ employs the activities, tools, and knowledge we have gained over the years by working hands-on with adults with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and other age-related challenges. We have found great success in helping older adults find joy, purpose, even create new interests, and we are pleased to offer these tools to care partners and families.

Engaging at Home™ provides an at-home engagement program bringing love, compassion, and validation to those affected by dementia and their families. Reach us via email at info@engagingathome.com or by calling (602) 418-5196.

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